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Patriotic Temporary Tattoos

starting at .45¢ ea. - also see our military temporary tattoo designs



The "white areas" of the flag, i.e. white stars and stripes have been cut away all the way through the metal. The "red and blue" areas of the flag are represented by the Stainless Steel, and the "white' areas of the flag, or "negative space is where all Steel has been cut away. Thus if you hold it up to a light, the normal "white" stars and stripes are see through.
American flag pendant American Flag pendant American Flag pendant modelled
American Flag
30 mm x 15.5 mm OR 32 mm x 16.5 mm
US 1 - $15.00
select size:
Flag Etiquette: when the flag is displayed vertically, the "Union" area of the Flag should be to the observer's upper left. The "Union" refers to the area with the stars.
Eagle w/Flag Temporary Tattoo patriotic eagle temporary tattoo Eagle
US Lg1
Eagle head w/flag (2.5"x5") - 95¢
US Lg2
Eagle w/ wings open (3"x5") - 95¢
US Lg3
Eagle w/ tribal flag (3"x5") - 95¢
flaming eagle temporary tattoo Clawing Eagle tattoo Eagle temporary tattoo
US Lg4
Flaming Eagle (4"x2.5") - 95¢
US Lg5
Clawing Eagle (3"x4") - 95¢
US Lg6
Eagle Head (3"x4") - 95¢
Patriotic Eagle Temporary Tattoo Skin Flag Temporary Tattoo
US Lg7
Patriotic Eagle Flag (3.5"x3") - 95¢
US Lg8
Skin Flag (4"x3") - 95¢
Eagle w/ Flag Temporary Tattoo Eagle Temporary Tattoo Eagle Temporary Tattoo
USA Med1
Eagle head w/flag (2"x3") - 75¢
US Med2
Eagle w/ wings open (2"x3") - 75¢
US Med3
Eagle w/ tribal flag (2"x3") - 75¢
Tribal Eagle temporary tattoo Freedom Isn't Free Ribbon Eagle Head
US Med4
Tribal Eagle (3"x3") - 75¢
US Med 5
Freedom Isn't Free (2"x3.5")- 75¢
US Med6
Eagle Head (3"x2") - 75¢
Patriotic Star Temporary Tattoo USA Flaming #1 temporary tattoo
US Med7
Patriotic Star (2.5"x2.5")- 75¢
US Med8
USA (1.5"x3") - 75¢
US Med9
Flaming USA #1(2.5"x3") - 75¢
These Colors Don't Run, USA Flag tattoo thin blue line temporary tattoo thin red flat temporary tattoo
US Med10
These Colors Don't Run, USA Flag (3"x2.5") - 75¢
US Med11
Thin Blue Line Flag (3"x2") - 75¢
US Med12
Thin Red Line Flag (3"x2") - 75¢
Freedom tattoo Small Thing Red Line Flag Temporary Tattoo Small Thing Blue Line Flag Temporary Tattoo
USA Med13
Freedom (3"x2") - 75¢
US Sm1
Thin Red Line Flag (2"x1.5") - 45¢
US Sm2
Thin Blue Line Flag (2"x1.5") - 45¢
Eagle Flag Temporary Tattoo eagle eye tempoary tattoo Clawing Eagle  
US Sm 3
Eagle Flag (2.5"x2") - 45¢
US Sm 4
Eagle Eye (1.5"x1.5")- 45¢
US Sm5
Clawing Eagle (2"x2") - 45¢
Patriotic Heart tattoo Patriotic Butterfly tattoo Patriotic Peace Temporary Tattoo
US Sm6
Patriotic heart (2"x1.5") - 45¢
US Sm7
Patriotic butterfly ( 2"x2") - 45¢
US Sm8
Patriotic Peace (2"x2.5") - 45¢
Nautical Star Temporary Tattoo Patriotic temporary tattoo - small Star
US Sm9
Red/Blue Star (1.5"x1.5") - 45¢
US Sm10
Patriotic Star (1.5"x1.5") - 45¢
US Sm11
Patriotic Star (1.5"x1.5") - 45¢
Skin Flag Temporary Tattoo Patriotic Star Patriotic Star
US Sm 12
Skin Flag (2.5"x2")- 45¢
US Sm13
Star (red center, 2"x2") - 45¢
US Sm14
Star (blue center, 2"x2") - 45¢
USA Flaming #1Eagle Sam Temporary Tattoo Flag Yin Yang Temporary Tattoo
US Sm15
Yellow Ribbon (2.5"x1.5") - 45¢
US Sm 16
Eagle Sam (2"x2.5") - 45¢
US Sm 17
Flag Yin Yang (2"x2") - 45¢
USA Flag - Wavy USA Flag Wavy Flag w/Eagle
US Sm18
USA Wavy Flag (2"x2") - 45¢
US Sm19
USA Flag (2"x1.5") - 45¢
US Sm20
Wavy Flag w/Eagle (2"x2") - 45¢
Statue of Liberty RWB Ribbon USA Eagle
US Sm21
Statue of Liberty (2"x2") - 45¢
US Sm22
RWB Ribbon (2"x2") - 45¢
US Sm23
USA Eagle (2"x2") - 45¢
Republican Elephant temporary tattoo Democratic Donkey temporary tattoo
US Sm 24a (2"x2")
The Republican GOP elephant logo - 45¢
US Sm 25a (2"x2")
The Democratic Donkey logo - 45¢
Republican Elephant temporary tattoo Democratic Donkey temporary tattoo

The 1.5" x 1.5" political temporary
tattoos are great for face tattoos!

US Sm 24b (1.5"x1.5")
The Republican GOP elephant logo - 45¢
US Sm 25b (1.5"x1.5")
The Democratic Donkey logo - 45¢