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Military Temporary Tattoos

starting at .35¢ ea. - aslo see our patriotic temporary tattoo designs

Temporary Tattoo - Marines Air Force Temporary Tattoo US Navy Temporary Tattoo
US Med1
US Marines (3"x3")- 50¢
US Med2
US Air Force (3"x3")- 50¢
US Med3
US Navy (2.5"x3")- 50¢
Marines Temporary Tattoo Asterisk  Temporary Tattoo Great Seal Temporary Tattoo
US Med1A
US Marines Gray (3"x3")- 50¢
US Med2B One Asterisk
Means: "One Ass-To-Risk" (2.5"x3")- 50¢
US Med3C
Great Seal US Army (2.5"x3")- 50¢
US Army Temporary Tattoo US Coast Guard Temporary Tattoo US Army Temporary Tattoo
US Med4
US Army (2.5"x2.5")- 50¢
US Med5
US Coast Guard (3"x3")- 50¢
US Med12
US Aircraft Star (3.5x2)- 50¢
US Army Temporary Tattoo US Army Temporary Tattoo Anchor Temporary Tattoo
US Med13
US Navy (3"x3")- 50¢
US Med14
US Army (3"x2")- 50¢
US Med15
Anchor (3"x2.5")- 50¢
POW MIA Temporary Tattoo Navy Seals Temporary Tattoo
U.S. Navy SEALs
God Bless America !
Fallen Soldier Temporary Tattoo
US Med16
POW / MIA (3.5"x2.5")- 50¢
US Med16A
Navy Seal (3" x 2")- 50¢
US Med17
Fallen Soldier (4"x2")- 50¢
In Memoriam Temporary Tattoo POW MIA Temporary Tattoo Statue of Liberty Temporary Tattoo
US Med 18
In Memoriam (3.5"x1.5")- 50¢
US Med 19
POW MIA Emblem (3"x1.5")- 50¢
US Med 20
Statue of Liberty (3.5"x2.5")- 50¢
Airborne Temporary Tattoo Airborne Temporary Tattoo  

US Med 21
Airborne (3.5"x2")- 50¢

US Med 25
USMC (4"x1.5")- 50¢

USMC Temporary Tattoo Ooh Rah temporary tattoo
US Lg1
US Marines - USMC (3.5"x3")- 65¢
US Lg2
Ooh Rah!
(1.5" x 7" - Armband) - 65¢
  US Lg4 (1.5" x 7" - Armband)
Semper Fi "Always Faithful"
US Marine Corps - 65¢
Marines temporary tattoo Air Force temporary tattoo Army temporary tattoo
US Marines - 35¢
US Sm1 - 2" x 2"
US Air Force - 35¢
US Sm2 - 2" x 2"
US Army - 35¢
US Sm3 - 2" x 2"
Marine's temporary tattoo - gray Air Force temporary tattoo Coast Guard temporary tattoo
US Marines (Gray) - 35¢
US Sm4 - 2" x 2"
US Navy - 35¢
US Sm5 - 2" x 2"
US Coast Guard - 35¢
US Sm6 - 2" x 2"
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