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Bicycle Jewelry

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Custom pendantBicycle Jewelry - Pendants include necklace - also Swim, Bike, Run (Triathlon pendants)
Bicycle necklaces make great gifts for all bike enthusiasts. Don't forget to check out the spoke bracelet and bicycle earrings towards the bottom of the page.

Now Available - Custom pendants, minimum order 100 units, please inquire.

All pendants come with a stainless steel beaded chain necklace
$12.00 each - actual size not shown

tribal bicycle necklace kokopelli bike jewelry Tri Bike Pendant
Tribal Bike Pendant
BP#60 - $12.00

Kokopelli Bike Pendant
BP#61 -
(also see matching earrings below)

Tri Bike Pendant
BP#62 - $12.00

bicycle pendant kokopelli bike necklace Tri Bike Pendant
Peace Cog Pendant
BP#63 - $12.00

Victory Bike Pendant
BP#64 -

Swim Bike Run Pendant
BP#65 -

chain wheel pendant Triathlon Pendant
Chain Wheel Pendant
BP#66 -

Matte Tandem Pendant
also see polished version below
BP#67 - $12.00

Triathlon Pendant 2
BP#68 -

Iowa Bicycle Pendant Bicycle Jewelry Chainring Heart Bike Pendant
Iowa Bicycle Pendant
BP#69 -
Bike Rider Pendant
BP#70 -
Chainring Heart Pendant
BP#71 -

Tribal biker in Iowa pendant Kokopelli bicycle pendant female biker in chain ring pendant
Tribal Bicycle in Iowa
BP#72 -
Kokopelli Bicycle Pendant -
73 - $12.00

Female Biker in Chain Ring -
BP#74 - $12.00

Quad Bike Necklace Bike Wheel Infinity Bike Pendant
Quad Bike Pendant
BP#75 -
Bike Wheel Pendant
- $12.00
Infinity Bike
- $12.00
No Hands Bike Necklace Iowa Gear Necklace Infinity Heart  Necklace

Victory Bike in Iowa
BP#78 -

Iowa Gear
- $12.00
Infinity Heart
- $12.00
bicycle pendant bike pulse pendant Kokopelli Runner Pendant
Bicycle Pendant
BP#81 - $12.00
Bicyclist Heartbeat
- $12.00
Kokopelli Runner
- $12.00
tandem bicycle pendant compass star pendant BMX bike pendant
Polished Tandem Pendant
BP#84 - $12.00
Compass Nautical Star in a Gear
- $12.00
BMX Bicycle in a Gear
- $12.00

BP#90 - $10.00

Bicycle Pages:

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