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Patriotic and Military Temporary Tattoos
35¢ ea. unless noted differently

Temporary Tattoo - Marines Air Force Temporary Tattoo US Navy Temporary Tattoo
US Med1
US Marines (3"x3")- 50¢
US Med2
US Air Force (3"x3")- 50¢
US Med3
US Navy (2.5"x3")- 50¢
Marines Temporary Tattoo Asterisk  Temporary Tattoo Great Seal Temporary Tattoo
US Med1A
US Marines Gray (3"x3")- 50¢
US Med2B One Asterisk
Means: "One Ass-To-Risk" (2.5"x3")- 50¢
US Med3C
Great Seal US Army (2.5"x3")- 50¢
US Army Temporary Tattoo US Coast Guard Temporary Tattoo US Army Temporary Tattoo
US Med4
US Army (2.5"x2.5")- 50¢
US Med5
US Coast Guard (3"x3")- 50¢
US Med12
US Aircraft Star (3.5x2)- 50¢
US Army Temporary Tattoo US Army Temporary Tattoo Anchor Temporary Tattoo
US Med13
US Navy (3"x3")- 50¢
US Med14
US Army (3"x2")- 50¢
US Med15
Anchor (3"x2.5")- 50¢
POW MIA Temporary Tattoo Navy Seals Temporary Tattoo
U.S. Navy SEALs
God Bless America !
Fallen Soldier Temporary Tattoo
US Med16
POW / MIA (3.5"x2.5")- 50¢
US Med16A
Navy Seal (3" x 2")- 50¢
US Med17
Fallen Soldier (4"x2")- 50¢
In Memoriam Temporary Tattoo POW MIA Temporary Tattoo Statue of Liberty Temporary Tattoo
US Med 18
In Memoriam (3.5"x1.5")- 50¢
US Med 19
POW MIA Emblem (3"x1.5")- 50¢
US Med 20
Statue of Liberty (3.5"x2.5")- 50¢
Airborne Temporary Tattoo Airborne Temporary Tattoo  

US Med 21
Airborne (3.5"x2")- 50¢

US Med 25
USMC (4"x1.5")- 50¢

Republican Elephant temporary tattoo Democratic Donkey temporary tattoo Freedom Isn't Free
US Sm 13a (2"x2")
The Republican GOP elephant logo - 35¢
US Sm 14a (2"x2")
The Democratic Donkey logo - 35¢
US Med 22
Freedom Isn't Free (2"x3".5)- 50¢
Republican Elephant temporary tattoo Democratic Donkey temporary tattoo

The 1.5" x 1.5" political temporary
tattoos are great for face tattoos!

US Sm 13b (1.5"x1.5")
The Republican GOP elephant logo - 35¢
US Sm 14b (1.5"x1.5")
The Democratic Donkey logo - 35¢
USMC Temporary Tattoo
US Lg1
US Marines - USMC (3.5"x3")- 65¢
US Lg2 (1.5" x 7" - Armband)
Semper Fi "Always Faithful"
US Marine Corps - 65¢
USA Flag - Wavy USA Flag Wavy Flag w/Eagle
US Sm1
USA Wavy Flag (2"x2")
US Sm2
USA Flag (2"x1.5")
US Sm3
Wavy Flag w/Eagle (2"x2")
Statue of Liberty RWB Ribbon USA Eagle
US Sm4
Statue of Liberty (2"x2")
US Sm5
RWB Ribbon (2"x2")
US Sm6
USA Eagle (2"x2")
Patriotic Star Temporary Tattoo Patriotic temporary tattoo - small Star
US Med25
Patriotic Star (2.5"x2.5")- 50¢
US Sm7
Patriotic Star (1.5"x1.5")
US Sm8
Patriotic Star (1.5"x1.5")
Eagle w/ Flag Temporary Tattoo Eagle w/Flag Temporary Tattoo Eagle
USA Med6
Eagle head w/flag (2"x3") - 50¢
US Lg4
Eagle head w/flag (3"x5") - 65¢
US Lg5
Eagle w/ tribal flag (3"x5") - 65¢
Nautical Star Temporary Tattoo Eagle Temporary Tattoo Eagle Temporary Tattoo
US Sm9
Red/Blue Star (1.5"x1.5")
US Med7
Eagle w/ wings open (2"x3") - 50¢
US Med8
Eagle w/ tribal flag (2"x3") - 50¢
patriotic eagle temporary tattoo Clawing Eagle Eagle Head
US Lg6
Eagle w/ wings open (3"x5") - 65¢
US Sm10
Clawing Eagle (2"x2")
US Med9
Eagle Head (3"x2") - 50¢
Freedom tattoo Clawing Eagle tattoo Eagle temporary tattoo
USA Med10
Freedom (3"x2") - 50¢
US Lg7
Clawing Eagle (3"x4") - 65¢
US Lg8
Eagle Head (3"x4") - 65¢
Patriotic Star Patriotic Star
US Med11
USA (1.5"x3") - 50¢
US Sm10
Star (red center, 2"x2")
US Sm11
Star (blue center, 2"x2")
Patriotic Heart tattoo Patriotic Butterfly tattoo Patriotic Peace Temporary Tattoo
US Sm14
Patriotic heart ( 2"x1.5")
US Sm15
Patriotic butterfly ( 2"x2")
US Sm16
Patriotic Peace ( 2"x2.5")
USA Flaming #1 temporary tattooTribal Eagle temporary tattoo These Colors Don't Run, USA Flag tattoo
US Med22
Flaming USA #1(2.5"x3") - 50¢
US Med23
Tribal Eagle (3"x3") - 50¢
US Med24
These Colors Don't Run, USA Flag (3"x2.5") - 50¢
USA Flaming #1Eagle Sam Temporary Tattoo Flag Yin Yang Temporary Tattoo
US Sm17
Yellow Ribbon (2.5"x1.5") - 35¢
US Sm 12
Eagle Sam (2"x2.5")- 35¢
US Sm 18
Flag Yin Yang (2"x2")- 35¢
Skin Flag Temporary TattooSkin Flag Temporary Tattoo eagle eye tempoary tattoo
US Lg11
Skin Flag (4"x3") - 65¢
US Sm 19
Skin Flag (2.5"x2")- 35¢
US Sm 20
Eagle Eye (1.5"x1.5")- 35¢
Eagle Flag Temporary TattooEagle Flag Temporary Tattoo  
US Lg12
Eagle Flag (3.5"x3") - 65¢
US Sm 21
Eagle Flag (2.5"x2") - 35¢
thin blue line temporary tattoothin red flat temporary tattoo Small Thing Blue Line Flag Temporary Tattoo
US Med24
Thin Blue Line Flag (3"x2") - 50¢
US Med25
Thin Red Line Flag (3"x2") - 50¢
US Sm22
Thin Blue Line Flag (2"x1.5") - 35¢

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